Welcome to my homepage!

In my research as a zoologist and palaeobiologist I am focussing on the palaeoecology of vertebrates and the respective functional morphological adaptations. This sounds quite boring…. but it is not!

Two topics are in my main interest: the ear region of vertebrates with the bony labyrinth and the three auditory ossicles (malleus, incus, stapes), but also the musculotendinous system of fishes (especially deep-sea fishes)… fluffy on one side and weird on the other!

Whereas the musculotendinous system of fishes is responsible for the locomotion mode, the semicircular canals (of mammals for example) are the sense of balance. Comparative morphological investigations of living taxa and fossil species enable paleoecological reconstructions and explain phylogenetic relationships.

Or in other words: I investigate the anatomy of living species to reconstruct the lifestyle of fossil creatures!